Posted by worlod 02 March 2005, 5:09pm
March 1 2005, It is till snowing.

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Posted by worlod 02 January 2005, 11:44am

come new year and all phone lines are blocked!, my dear friend is busy calling everyone possible in his phone book and any toll free number that he can lay his hands on. High point of calling-he just called me from the other room to " wish me " on new year.Thank you I am overwhelmed.

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Posted by worlod 24 October 2004, 6:22pm

I can smell the aroma of breshly brewed tea.....saath mein kuch pakode bhi hai and Kishoreda is going great guns on the stereo..wah..wah

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Posted by worlod 11 August 2004, 1:03pm
Ok so the girl in my office finally smiled at me yesterday.where ?, you may ask. where else but the ubuqitious elevator, I hoped the elevator would never stop, but it did and she slipped out, I stood there dazed and people rushed in and I was stuck in the sticky armpit of a tired gentleman.

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Posted by worlod 29 June 2004, 2:12pm

Well life is moving finally.Just bought a Mocha , had to share it with a thirsty friend. got three books from the library on his account, thats why the mocha.Saw Terminal the other day, Hanks is just adorable and the movie is fantastic.Read about the true life case which is not fantastic but heart rending.


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Posted by worlod 27 April 2004, 4:32pm

A vast expanse of thoughts and memories,

danger! danger! information,college, movies.......hey wait dont disappear my dream..wait,home, I almost caught you my dream..hey hey hey dont slip..........friends,evenings,darkness......

where are you....hellllllllllooooooooo.......fading out-fading out

danger, Information overload.

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Posted by worlod 27 April 2004, 4:26pm

tired eyes, wrinkled forehead, parched throat,burdened shoulders.

Hello Hello anyone out there, its very dark here....hello..hello

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